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Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging (DITI)

Midwest Thermal Imaging specialize in animal thermography. Business owners Kayla and Debra Muth use a Meditherm 2000 infrared camera as a discovery tool to precisely locate where an animal is experiencing pain and inflammation. . Midwest Thermal Imagining provides a range of services including equine infrared imaging and other companion animal thermography, as well as veterinary infrared thermography.

DITI is a quick portable tool that can provide information from a certified veterinarian within 48 hours. This is how our animals speak to us; it is a great communication tool. It is a non-invasive diagnostic test of physiology that has evolved over the past 20 years. This system can be used in most clinics or stables; tests take approximately 15 minutes.

Midwest Thermal Imaging

DITI is beginning to gain full recognition as a useful tool in the early identification of musculoskeletal and neurological injuries; especially non-specific (and difficult to diagnose) lameness. This process detects inflammatory and neurological processes at a very early stage, which can be critical to the outcome.

Thermography Waukesha, WIDITI provides information to the owner and the veterinarian about an animal’s response to treatment as well as the effects of saddle fitting, injury, disease or prescribed treatments.

DITI is unique way to show a “Body Worker”, where to concentrate their work. It can show the trainer where there are potential problems in the horse, days and weeks before there is a clinical lameness. It helps the saddle fitter to know where the saddle is causing problems. It can show the farrier where there are problems in the feet. It assists your entire team on their portion of the project on the animal to make appropriate changes in the therapy and treatment.

DITI is used to look for far more than just “hot spots” with accuracy down to 0.1°c. Accurate and objective results are possible. Nerve damage or irritation will be seen as areas of reduced temperature (cold). More commonly seen are patterns of heat caused by trauma or infection. Even deep inflammation can be detected by thermography.

“Early inflammation of a stressed tendon can be detected up to 2 weeks earlier than by routine clinical examination”.

Thermography Waukesha, WIThermography Waukesha, WI

Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging


Thermal Imaging Application & Benefits

Thermography emits no radiation and can be repeated as frequently as needed and may eliminate other expensive investigation tools. By providing a visual management tool for monitoring or treating injury, illness or disease, you as owners or professionals have a valuable addition to the existing diagnostic tools such as X-rays MRI scans ultrasounds now being offered by your Vet.

Preparing Your Pet For Thermal Imaging

The horse should equilibrate with ambient conditions for sufficient time to approximate a steady state. The equilibration period should be at least 10-15 minutes. During the equilibration period the horse should remain uncovered with rugs and bandages removed.
The horse owner / trainer may be provided with instructions intended to reduce the likelihood of artifacts or inconclusive thermography.

Veterinarian Connection

The staff at Midwest Thermal Imaging has a long standing relationship with in the veterinary and breeders within the Midwest. Through that relationship owners will have the confidence of knowing that selecting Midwest Thermal Imaging will provide the quality services that you desire.