Welcome to MidWest Thermal Imaging

Have you been frustrated with trying to get answers for what is ailing your pet? You know your pet better than anyone. You know something is wrong with your pet as they may be experiencing some discomfort but they just can’t tell you where. Midwest Thermal Imaging provides a method for you to get that information long before the symptoms are obvious.

We at Midwest Thermal Imaging understand the importance of having a healthy, happy animal (pet) and we work with you and/or your veterinarian to get those answers quickly and assist in determining the most effective treatment plan to get your pet back on their feet and with your peace of mind.

Thermography can help you diagnose the causes and sources of your pet’s discomfort including:

  • An infection
  • Inflammation
  • Soft tissue (tendons and muscles) problems
  • Joint problem
  • Nervous system dysfunction

Thermography is an excellent diagnostic tool to help your veterinarian in pain localization and the management of your pet’s pain.

We invite you to explore this website to see what we at Midwest Thermal Imaging can do for you. Contact our office today via the “Contact Us” form or call us at 920.650.3119.  Let us put together a plan of action so you can have a healthier pet tomorrow.

Thermal Imaging Application & Benefits

Thermography emits no radiation and can be repeated as frequently as needed and may eliminate other expensive investigation tools. By providing a visual management tool for monitoring or treating injury, illness or disease, you as owners or professionals have a valuable addition to the existing diagnostic tools such as X-rays MRI scans ultrasounds now being offered by your Vet.

Preparing Your Pet For Thermal Imaging

The horse should equilibrate with ambient conditions for sufficient time to approximate a steady state. The equilibration period should be at least 10-15 minutes. During the equilibration period the horse should remain uncovered with rugs and bandages removed.
The horse owner / trainer may be provided with instructions intended to reduce the likelihood of artifacts or inconclusive thermography.

Veterinarian Connection

The staff at Midwest Thermal Imaging has a long standing relationship with in the veterinary and breeders within the Midwest. Through that relationship owners will have the confidence of knowing that selecting Midwest Thermal Imaging will provide the quality services that you desire.